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Gift Cards

 Where can I purchase a Mithaas gift card?

Mithaas gift cards can be purchased in person at any of our group restaurants or ordered for pick up by phone at (732) 947 3014.

What are the different denominations that Mithaas gift cards are available in?

Mithaas gift cards can be purchased in any denomination. There are no presets, minimums or maximums.

Where may I use my Mithaas gift card?

Our gift cards may be used at any of our two New Jersey Mithaas locations and at Moghul Express.

Can Mithaas gift cards be used for tax?

 Yes, you may apply your gift card to the entire check including food, beverage & tax.

 Can I use more than one gift card to pay for my check?

Yes, you may use as many gift cards as you wish to pay for your meal.

What will happen if I do not use the full amount of the gift card in one visit?

The balance will remain on your gift card until your next visit and until the full value has been depleted.

Do gift cards expire?

Purchased gift cards do not expire. We do not charge a maintenance or non-usage fee on your gift card. We do issue promotional and business gift cards that do expire; however the expiration date will be noted on the gift card.

I am interested in purchasing gift cards in bulk quantities. What discount programs do you offer?

Please contact our Manager, Gift Cards at (732) 549 7976 to discuss purchases of $2,000 or more.

Can I return or exchange my gift card or gift item?

Gift cards are non-refundable.

Can my Mithaas gift card be replaced if lost or stolen?

Unfortunately Mithaas is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.

Purchase a Mithaa's Gift Card

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